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Neptune Spiral Stainless Steel Guides & TipsTM

  • Heavy Duty Roller Guides

  • Wind On Knot Clearance

  • All Stainless Steel

  • Offered in Silver & Black colors

  • Made in the USA

  • These roller guides are radially mounted on the rod in a spiral manner around the axis of the rod from the transition guide to the tip

  • Spiral configuration enables the rod to perform under heavy load without radial twisting of the rod and with minimum reel twisting as it is being wound

  • All stainless steel frames & all stainless steel components

  • Components are interchangeable between all frames and tips (spiral NS rollers & tips and conventional AA rollers & tips)

  • Fresh water rinsing holes eliminate salt binding of rollers

  • Extremely large knot clearance passes the largest wind-on leaders

  • Will handle line test of more than 200 lbs.

  • Same lifetime guarantee on the Neptune Spiral rollers and bearings as offered with the conventional All American rollers and bearings
Standard color SILVER frames are an electro polishing process that brightens stainless steel. Chromium and nickel, which are components of stainless steel, are electrolytically drawn to the surface. The effect is very similar to chrome plating, except there is no adhesion to be concerned with. The layer is a homogenous constituent of the metal and cannot delaminate or peel. This nickel chromium mono-oxide layer is extremely corrosion resistant.

Our BLACK frames are a black chrome process with a special activator and black chrome applied directly to the stainless steel eliminating the traditional multi layer pealing. The frames are then polished in walnut shell to add even more luster to the black chrome. The AA black roller tip has a two-layer process with nickel and black chrome.

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